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Visioning Playbook —
Bring your dreams to life!

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung

We are at the very beginning of the year, a place where we re-evaluate where we are and what we want in our lives. It is a time for New Years resolutions that often get discarded after a week or two, maybe lasting to the end of January. What would you like to see changed this year? Maybe you don’t know exactly what you would like to see changed, but you know something has to. This is a holistic process bringing in your heart, intellect, your physical preferences and those things that speak to you on a totally energetic level.

For several years, I have been creating some kind of visioning book for the year ahead and beyond and have also worked with clients in doing so. I have found that many people, including myself, are inspired by images and pictures as much as, or maybe more than, words. It is the combination of using words and images that  helps you to understand what you really want, urges me on to where I want to go and even the steps to get there. Once I am clear about what I want and commit to it, opportunities and possibilities open before me.  When I keep my focus, and the journal helps, things begin to happen, often amazingly. This is real heart-work that I use for myself and with my clients!

January’s Second Sunday Studio is a opportunity to begin creating your own Visioning Playbook. You will receive the “how to’s” as well as the space, time and materials to begin putting your visioning journal together. It is a working ‘play book’ for the game of life. You will leave with your own Visioning playbook — the basics and an understanding of how to continue the process.

Recreating Life

You can see couple of pages from my past visioning books to give you an idea this visioning process works. This process is what I know to be true, through training, working with clients and personal experience. It is about letting what you want to see happen out in words, images, colors . . . it is a positive look into the future and what you want to see happen. When anything is possible, the sky is the possible!

What might be in your visioning playbook? What do you want to see happen this year? There are places to go, things that might change in your life, some work, some play . . . and other good stuff, even working with money.

January Second Sunday Studio

  • when: Sunday January 13th at 2:00
  • where: Cherie’s Faerie Garden Studio, 5927 Hosler Rd. Leo, IN.
  • Cost: $25
  • For more information: 260 479-9766 or email me at csg2heart@gmail.co

Blessings! Cheryl

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