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The beginning, a new book —

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

I am inviting you into the adventure of small books, if only living them vicariously through me and my posts. The truth is, I get lost in the boundaries of my everyday life and I imagine you do too. There is always so much to do and the lists seem to be endless; sometimes, my lists have lists, yours too? The SMALL book offers just a little ‘getaway’, even a touch of creativity opens the a space to switch up my perspective – a place for possibilities, fun, play and maybe even a little wonder.

Personally, I have been doing small books for years, 20+ oh my! They started as love notes, soon had drawings in them and then I was making small books for travel, as birthday cards, to commemorate a special day, like the first anniversary of my Father’s death, or most usually to figure out something. They were fun!

I am presenting a small book workshop, ‘Small Books – Stories, Connection and Art’, at the Women for Sobriety conference in June. Yes, the workshop is coming together fine. I want to talk about small books as I prepare for the event. So, here I am and will be again and again. Recently my intuitive coach mentioned that maybe it would be good to do a small book while getting ready for the workshop. Excellent idea!

As I sat down to write this morning, the words would not come, just fits and starts. My art table and small book supplies beckoned. Something happens when I am putting a small book together. Initially, my creative juices get caught up in the ‘engineering’ of the book – cutting, pasting, breathing it in, trying to figure out size, shape, what papers to use, color . . . I start digging through my stash of stuff and things begin to take shape. Before I know it, everything is flowing, like magic.

The fun thing is that after a bit of working with my small book, the words are just flowing too. Today, the creative process opened the door to one of my foundational beliefs, how important it is for me, and for each of us, to live who we really are and to let go of things that do not fit! What great possibilities as we open into some things and let go of others while working to be our true selves, letting the real  me/you show!

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