a New Year’s Challenge

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New Year Wishes

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”

Tom Peters

Happy New Year to All! 2013 is unfolding before us and each of us can make it more of what we want that to be. Tom Peters, the champion of excellence and success, challenges us to focus on what we want to see more of and to celebrate it! We do draw into our lives those things that we focus on and are excited about. What kind of challenges, or commitments, are you making for yourself this year?

My primary resolution, my focus and challenge, for 2013 us to ‘make IT happen’ for myself and to help others to do the same! We can all do it, whatever that ‘it’ is. Step by little step, we can make our resolutions come to life! The challenge is ours!

Get excited and invest your passion in what you want! Remember, focus on what you want to see more of and celebrate it!

Blessings for the new year — may health and happiness, peace and prosperity, love and joy be yours!

Let me know .  .  .  what is your New Year’s challenge ?

What are you committing to this New Year, however goofy and fun?

What is the wildest thing you can work towards this new year?

What are you doing to get there? You can make it happen!

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