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and Two become One

And Two shall Become One

“The practice of art is not to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.”

Kurt Vonnegut

 In my studio, creativity takes place as expressive art. You express yourself, say what you want, through your creativity. This can encompass a wide range of media. While I work primarily with clay, I also work with cloth paper, felting, fiber, beads . . . anywhere my heart, and the muse, take me.

In these Second Sunday Studio sessions, clay is always available along with the tools to work with it. All pieces are hand built. If you have a preference for another medium, there are all materials for cloth paper as well as others. My studio is open for you, and me too, to create, to learn and to explore in a playful, heart-based, non-judgmental atmosphere. The creative opportunities are wide open!

My more recent pieces have been ‘piece x piece’ mixed media  projects, including small pieces that I make myself, found objects, old forgotten pieces, antique bits and pieces like lace, small dishes, broken or otherwise . . . For me, this is about playing with the creative process, following where it leads. From month to month if you would like to do something similar, you can make your own pieces and also choose from box of treasures here. My studio encourages the muse that lives within each of us. there is talk, laughter and creative camaraderie.

Come and play at Second Sunday Studio each month, 2 to 4:30 p.m.,  through the fall —

  • October 14th,
  • November 11th and
  • December 9th,

Cost: $25 per session. Registration is limited so call soon, 260 479-9766 or email me at .

I would love to see you and you are sure to have a great time!

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