Empowerment. Communication. Creativity.

Living fully is about filling your life with things that satisfy you & make you happy!

Even better if you can have a few of those satisfactions add excitement and a ‘zing’ to your days. What would do that mean for you? What is your dream, or those things that make you happy, fulfilled and really satisfied with life? The trick is to figure out what satisfies, fulfills and excites you. Then, build foundations under them and take the steps to bring those attainable dreams into reality. Moving you into experiencing more daily satisfaction, more fulfillment and more excitement adds to your well-being. Helping you to attain those dreams add to my dream.

Let’s clarify the word ‘dream’. Your dream here is a vision for your future which may include passions, things that excite you, values, goals, beliefs, wants, desires. Your dream is about where you want to go and what you want to do, both personally and professionally. More than a set of goals, your dream is connected to a deeper sense of who you really are. Attaining the dream takes empowerment, will-power, determination and courage to make it happen; communication to connect with others and build successful relationships; and creativity in thinking, exploring and developing your ideas, and sometimes art to bring it all to life – empowerment, communication and creativity!

The Heart of Cheryl

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Reiki, My Way

May 20, 2017 · No Comments

“Reiki, My Way is a co-active approach where the client, the practitioner and the Divine work together allowing and connecting with power-filled healing energy.” For me, reiki is more than an energy practice ...

Indy LOVE, Day 30 – ’31 Days of Love’

August 31, 2016 · No Comments

  Earlier in this month I committed to writing about love for 31 days. One of these days,  I focused on the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana. Now there are LOVE sculptures all over the Earth, in different languages...

Soldier Love, Day 29 – ’31 Days of Love’

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Soldier Love Soldier love is about love and caring that soldiers have for one another. While listening to Gary Trudeau on NPR, he told a story about interviewing a soldier who lost her hand in combat. She had been on gua...

Love is Love, Day 28 – ’31 Days of Love’

August 30, 2016 · No Comments

     Love      is Love      is Love      is Love       is Love      is Love      is Love,                   cannot be killed or swept aside.                             [&hel...


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